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Trial by Night

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When sinister dreams plague his sleep, Matthew Morris discovers that a secret from deep within his family's past has the potential to awaken an ancient and powerful evil.

To protect those he loves, Matthew must pit himself against a being of pure malice whose power is seemingly without limit. Fraught with unexpected twists, Matthew's struggles culminate in a conclusion that will change the course of his entire life.

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Ben's Epublisher. If you want to publish an Ebook, this is definitely the place to go.

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You've stumbled across Horror-Book.com, the cyber den of writer Ben Crofton. Here, you can find news and updates about Ben's horror book projects, Ben's blog (coming soon), and free reads.

Just who is Ben Crofton?

Ben writes fiction of a darker nature, what most would refer to as "horror". He doesn't write much in the way of "extreme horror" per se, preferring to craft tales that are more eerie than outright gory (most of the time). Interested in learning more? Check out Ben's Bio.

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Check out Ben's "links" section for a number of useful writing-related resources, for horror book / horror story authors and non-horror writers alike. If there is a phenomenal resource that we've overlooked, contact the Horror Book webmaster to suggest a link to said resource.

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